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Frank Vogler & Sons History - 1858-2010


Since 1858, the Vogler family has been recognized for their excellence in funeral service. Beginning as Frank Vogler & Sons, the business is now know as Salem Funerals & Cremations and includes fifth and sixth generation Voglers operating the business.

The remarkable history of Frank Vogler and Sons begins here:

1770 - 1850

In 1770, Phillip Vogler settled on the tract of land called the "Wachovia" located in Piedmont, North Carolina. He had traveled, with his parents, from Germany, where they first settled in Maine and then sailed to North Carolina. Here, he assisted in the establishment of the Friedland community. Today, this area is six miles south of Old Salem. He then moved to Bethania where he remained until his death.

1850 - 1870

Phillip's son, Christoph, was a gunsmith, who begot a son, Nathaniel, who in turn begot a son, Alexander Christoph Vogler. "A.C." Vogler was the first of the Voglers in the funeral business. In 1858, after studying carpentry, A.C. set up his shop on the corner of 1st and Main streets, where Salem Funerals & Cremations now operates. He made custom built furniture and coffins in this shop, and in 1870 he added undertaking.

1870 - 1900

During the next twenty years, A.C. Vogler developed the undertaking industry for the region. He had a fine line of metal and wooden caskets, horse-drawn hearses, and the latest technology for surgical embalming. In 1885, his son Frank H. Vogler joined the business. Vogler's, then in the second generation, began to grow just as the cities of Winston and Salem were also growing.

1900 - 1950

By 1901, Vogler's Funeral Home had become the largest firm in its region of North Carolina. In 1909 and 1910, Frank Vogler's two sons, Will and Gene, joined the business, thus beginning the third generation of Vogler Funeral Service. The Voglers have always been the vanguard of the Funeral Service. Its embalming technique proved to be trend-setting, and in 1912 Vogler's added the first motorized hearse between Washington D.C. and Atlanta. Shortly after that, it offered the first motorized ambulance in 1913; the air ambulance followed and then, in 1956, short wave radios directed the fleet.

1950 - Present

Francis E. Vogler Jr. was the fourth generation Vogler working in the firm. He began his career with Vogler's after serving in W.W. II. Under his leadership and direction two new locations were built, on Reynolda Road and in Clemmons. After many years of dedicated service, he passed the company to his two sons, Gene Vogler III and Mosby Vogler, who now represent the fifth generation. The Vogler Funeral Home is undergoing a great change, by incorporating the community and embracing newer technologies. The Voglers started Salem Funerals & Cremations in June of 2006. Mike Flynn, Richard Puryear, and Jennings Renegar are familiar faces who joined the Vogler family in starting Salem Funerals & Cremations. John Vogler, the 6th generation, joined Salem in 2010. He is presently a licensed funeral director and is making an immediate contribution to Salem. The values created in our long history are serving Salem well as we move forward serving our community with the highest of standards.

The Voglers have been blessed with dedicated employees throughout the years -- employees who had sacrificed their safety on emergency ambulance calls and their personal time for the public and the community. The emotional struggle which families face at the time of death are never taken lightly. Six generations ago, A.C. Vogler created a legacy of craftsmanship and caring, which has continued to grow over the years. We are proud of this heritage and history. Although many changes have occurred in Winston-Salem over the past 158 years, one thing has remained the same: the Vogler family and Salem Funerals & Cremations are committed to providing the highest quality of service and dedication to the members of this community.

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